Flights of Angels Sing Thee to thy Rest

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I’m may be the only person who has been attacked by a Navy SEAL – and lived to talk about it. Continue reading “Flights of Angels Sing Thee to thy Rest”


Happy Birthday, Lauren Rousseau

I never met Lauren Gabrielle Rousseau, who was murdered in December 2012 by a disturbed young man who had likewise never met her, but whose doting mother had provided him with access to high-powered firearms and who had made sure he was well trained in how to use them. Continue reading “Happy Birthday, Lauren Rousseau”

“Deck us all with Boston Charlie”

Walt Kelly was the author and artist behind the Pogo comic strip, which ran from 1948 to 1975 – and which blasted American behavior and attitude related to everything from littering to politics (sometimes interchangeably).


Perhaps even more than this, Kelly was also known for rewriting Christmas carols. Continue reading ““Deck us all with Boston Charlie””