A Cruise Night to Remember

Herb Caso’s black 1930 Model A Coupe looks just like the car my mother owned during college. 

Caso’s car has a rumble seat, as did my mother’s. (Ford offered rumble seats as options on some Model A’s from 1928 through 1936.)

The original roof on Caso’s car was wood, as it was on my mother’s car, although in the process of restoring his own car, Caso replaced the wood roof with a metal one.

“I modernized everything,” he said.

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Cruise Night

So much has been happening recently – in the world, in my communities, in my family, in my life – that I have had little time to take a breath.

My best friends and my family keep telling me I should take breathers.

OK, here is a breather – no battles, no wars, just half a dozen photos I shot on a sunny day in northern Middlesex County, Connecticut.

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